Acdsee pro v4.0(build 198) final

acdsee pro v4.0(build 198) final

Content of iptc Location fields are included in Quick Search.
Enhancements, proPhoto RGB processing offers improved color management by maintaining full gamut of colors captured in RAW can i books for on ipad files.
Workflow Improvements in Process Mode (Save a Copy, Save As, Delete).
Boost saturation without affecting skin tones with the new Vibrance slider.Image quality issue when taking RAW image with Lighting applied into Edit mode.Quality issue with the Soft Light blend mode in Edit.Manage over 100 different file types.Color management settings ignored in the Print dialogs codec avi per windows 7 Layout templates.RAW files shot with camera set to Adobe RGB have embedded preview correctly color managed (Nikon, Canon and Pentax only).What's New in This Release: New Features, map view and Geotagging support.Groups in Organize Pane collapse when clicked anywhere on the headers, not just the text.Iptc Core.1 Support with 13 new fields including Creator Contact info.Smtp e-mail support, enhanced intuitive interface, flexible non-destructive processing presets.MySQL error in file: /engine/modules/p at line 140, error Number: 1142, the Error returned was: insert command denied to user 'topfiles for table 'dle_views'.Updated media player colors to fit color scheme.Experience the combined power of acdsee Pro 4's non-destructive image development technology and precise pixel-level editor in one seamless environment.Organize files as you review them categorize, rate, and add metadata using the Properties pane.View your RAW images with lightning-fast image previews and support for most RAW formats from dslr cameras.Acdsee Pro 4s built in Slideshow is color managed.