Classic 80's guilty pleasures collection

classic 80's guilty pleasures collection

Some featured ice skating, some synchronized swimming, and all featured an awkward blend of singing, dancing, bad jokes and even sequins to satisfy even Liberace.
There's something kinda cool when you combine a mad scientist a talking head - lots of gore, but some chuckles too. I will defend this one to my final day - I loved Xanadu - as a teenager in the 80's 'til now, the music, the dance, the roller-skating and especially since I had the biggest crush (and minecraft cracked launcher 1.6.4 still do) on Olivia Newton-John.Famous one-time "Battle" Captain (and Mis-tah Kot-tah!) Gabe Kaplan's still around, right?But, it's an interesting commentary on the failed successes of the 80's. . Underground, over-sized, flesh loving earthworms are on the attack of a small SouthWestern town it's up to Fred Ward, Kevin Bacon Reba McIntire to save the day.Lynne (Helen Hunt) is a cool rock chick. Like many others, I grew up on the squeaky clean 70's TV show.Inspired by the remake, here are six delightfully discomfiting entertainment offerings from the 1970s and 1980s that should make a 21st century return.When Siskel Ebert gave this "Two thumbs up" in August '87, I was skeptical, but I must admit, this was one of the best times at the movies during the Summer of '87 - far superior to Dirty Dancing - claydav.Nominated for 6 Golden Razzies (and a win for director, Robert Greenwald! Oh, did I hate those body-switching films - but, thanks to an inspired comic performance from Judge Reinhold, this one worked. .'Battle of the Network Stars here's what we want: We want "Homeland's" Claire Danes paddling off in a kayak race against Sofia Vergara of "Modern Family." We want "Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam captaining convert bytes to gigabytes powershell the FX team and screaming in the face of Andrew.Better than the films' original title "Baboon Heart Tomei really shines here. .The song "Rock Me Sexy, Jesus" deserved an Oscar nom that year Elizabeth Shue playing, well, Elizabeth Shue some of her best work in years. .More silly than scary. .Ship crashes on a planet which has nasty creatures that only come out at d of course, there's an eclipse getting ready to happen. . Chuck Norris is a Chicago cop with a gun low tolerance for thugs.It's PG13 with a good sense of humour about. .This one (though preposterous with it's science) worked once I turned the brain off.
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