Fairy tail episode season 1

fairy tail episode season 1

References edit General "Episodes 1-11" (in Japanese).
Makarov's friend from the council, Yajima, suggests that Makarov retire and choose a successor.Lucy refuses to join them until she reads that the reward is a Zodiac Gatekey.10:00p Fairy Tail 30 (P) -Episode 30 - Next Generation "Funimation Week 31 of 2012 (Mon -Sun.With only mkv player for xp one hour to reverse the spell before its effects remain permanent, Levy McGarden uses her linguistic skills to translate the spell.Natsu ea sports cricket 2002 game and Happy catch up with Erigor as he flies towards Clover and battle him.Aries - Clash in the Desert!San Francisco, California: Crunchyroll.Soon after, the Etherion fires on the tower which, to everyone's shock, is absorbed by the tower's true form, an enormous lacrima crystal, preventing the attack from killing anyone.After the dissolution of Phantom Lord, the group learns of Erza's past as a slave in the Tower of Heaven and confront Jellal Fernandez to destroy the tower.3 "Infiltrate the Everlue Mansion" "Senny Seyo!29 "My Resolve" "Atashi no Ketsui" May 10, 2010 July 10, 2012 11 Following Jose's defeat, Lucy realizes that Jude will do anything to have her return home and leaves for her family estate.30 "Next Generation" May 17, 2010 July 17, 2012 12 The Magic Council dissolves Phantom Lord and disapproves of Fairy Tail's actions, but is unable to force them to disband.However, Makarov returns fully recovered and casts the legendary spell Fairy Law, defeating Jose and finally ending the war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.10:00p Fairy Tail 46 (P) -Episode 46 - Clash at Kardia Cathedral!She discovers him to actually be the celestial spirit Leo, an exile from the spirit world.Arriving at the town of Onibas, Natsu is accidentally left on the train by his friends, and is assaulted by Kageyama, a shadow wizard from Eisenwald.Erza tells Natsu to save Lucy before Jose enters the battle to kill Erza, Gray, Elfman, and Mirajane.As they are cornered by the monsters, Makarov lifts the spell and frees the villagers trapped inside the monsters.Later, Salamander offers Lucy membership in Fairy Tail and invites her onto his yacht, intending to smuggle her and other young girls.Hiro Mashima 's, fairy Tail manga series.
After Mystogan leaves, Erza goes out to destroy the Thunder minecraft nodus hacked client Palace while Natsu battles Laxus.