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Quack Pack burbank, California bonkers disneyville (most appearances since 1993 ) Hot crack idm 6.25 build 11 Dog Hills ( Mickey and the Roadster Racers ) Pets Fido (dog) Allies Walt Disney, Herman the Bootle Beetle, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
However, aside from a brief appearance in a one-page story in Uncle Scrooge #54 (December 1964 the character was not used by leading Disney duck artist Carl Barks.
In Quack Pack, Von Drake resides in a laboratory in Duckburg and also runs a pizza delivery service to pay for his science equipment.
Ludwig is a recurring character in this series as a "nutty professor"-type character.2 Disney identified the Drakes as the continental branch of the family, and the eggheads of the clan.These include a shrink ray, which falls into the hands of Mickey and Goofy, resulting in an adventure within Donald's internal caverns.Von Drake's raspy, Austrian-accented voice was provided by Paul Frees, who was also well-known as the voice behind the Ghost Host in Disneyland 's The one piece episode 409 sub indonesia Haunted Mansion attraction.Other games In Disney's Cartoon Arcade, Von Drake (through archive animation) leads the player through various Disney shorts and guides them through a mini-game based on said short.Appearance, slender duck, elderly, half bald, gray hair, thick gray eyebrows, both orange bill and feet, white feathers, a couple of thin hairs on his head, overcoat, vest, black necktie, both white dress shirt and cuffs, spectacles with a string attached to his overcoat.He also appeared as the host of the Disney's Sing-Along Songs series of videos, beginning with 1988 's You Can Fly.He did, however, star in three regular cartoons-one being " Relaxing with Von Drake where the professor attempts to ease Donald Duck's nerves.They are then seen playing checkers together as the day comes to an end.Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ludwig Von Drake in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Here, Von Drake is a recurring character and the creator of the clubhouse.From there, he became a recurring character in Disney's related television projects, usually lecturing on a certain topic.Ludwig appears in the animated racing series, residing in Hot Dog Hills alongside the other characters.He has a laboratory beneath Mickey's garage, where he works on various inventions, and is able to communicate with Mickey and the others through a video monitor.This relation was not carried over into the popular Donald Duck comic stories (specifically those written by Carl Barks and Don Rosa as Ludwig was not included in the comic iteration of Donald's family tree.8 References External links v - e - d Locations Toontown Hollywood Rubber Room Toon Club Wackytoon Studios v - e - d Disney Mickey and Friends: Mickey Minnie Donald Daisy Goofy Pluto Chip and Dale Oswald Ortensia Duffy ShellieMay Gelatoni Huey, Dewey, and Louie.Some 1960s Disney comics (including Tony Strobl 's 6-pager Barn Dance Doctor, first published in 1961) state that Ludwig is Grandma Duck's cousin.However, this contradicts the fact that, in " Kids is Kids Ludwig stated that he is a bachelor.In Goofy's Hysterical History Tour, Ludwig appears in the opening cutscene as Goofy and Pete's employer in the History Museum.He is known for being extremely intelligent and more than likely to know nearly everything about a certain topic ranging from science to music.which he has been known to shout when greeting someone or at the beginning of one of his cartoons.
Instead, Ludwig's relation to the comic Duck family is inconsistent and has been altered on numerous occasions.