Point n click adventure games

point n click adventure games

Create a call of duty 2 maps multiplayer chain of events to complete each stage.
A fun puzzle interactive game!
Firewatch is a resonant, emotionally mature tale, equal parts Twin Peaks and Raymond Carver with a little Far Cry-esque exploration thrown in for good measure.
Use the power of friendship to wield lasers, platforms and deadly traps, in a fun point n' click adventure.The adventure that unfolds is filled with some amazing characters (including Missile, the world's most adorably manic puppy ingenious Rube Goldbergian puzzles, and one of the most satisfying twists in video game history.A fun point and click adventure!Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games!These are the ten best crimson skies high road to revenge console-based adventure games of all time.The government trapped a cute green alien.A mysterious adventure game.Whether you play the original on Sega CD or pick up the Special Edition (now with voice acting and the ability to switch between classic and repainted visuals!Help Dor the Dwarf, the leader of dwarfs army, on his quest to find the one and only ring, hidden in the deep orc land!Find out what happened to Wheely on his way to the car service.Look for clues and discover the big secret in this challenging point and click adventu.Will you help the poor boy go back to his planet?As a temporary forest fire lookout, it's your job to sit up in a big tower during the warm summer months and wait.It's a recipe for schlocky disaster, but there's something magical about Until Dawn's blend of light adventuring and campy horror.Your goal is to roll the head until it reaches the body.The evil penguin scientist kidnapped Kumba's beloved girl and it's time to use all your skills and rescue your sweetheart!Can you use your whits to help the poor little guy and help him find his way home?Zack Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.English Sega CD copies are difficult to track down, but if you're able to find one, it's absolutely worth.
The Zombie Cats are coming and you must act fast!
Along the way he'll meet a rogue's gallery of characters, like Stan, the smarmy used boat salesman; Meathook, a man with two hooks where his hands should be; and Carla, who will train you in the art of insult sword fighting.