Supreme commander 2 patch 1.25

supreme commander 2 patch 1.25

Added a Cybran Mass Convertor structure, unlocked via the research tree.
Fix for nba live 2006 psp iso being bride for rent full cast able to have UEF Pgens assist an engineer assisting a factory and bypassing the build speed reduction.
AI will build additional radar away from its base.If you lose and have a human ally that is still alive, you can no longer hear sounds from enemies under the Fog of War and can no longer see decals created under the Fog of War.Bigger for better player feedback.Guard base platoons will now guard a wider range.All Faction Unit destroy LOD adjustments.AI will build Gantries in expansion bases more.Fix for the wrong leader being selected for Air units.Using this cheat will get you: infinite player health, infinite survivor health, infinite ammo, infinite weapon durability, one hit kill, money hack, quick kill count, unlock all skills, unlock all clothing, etc.Fix for AI units trying to climb hills.Campaign progress (unlocks) will still be preserved, however.This will be handled by Engineers.Units that are dropped from a transport will no longer infinitely loop their move ambient sound.Illuminate Flare effect updated.GPNav now allocates all the memory it will require for Integration Fields at the start of the game to improve performance.Fix for naval units not receiving commands outside the playable rectangle.AI can now use Naval units to guard its base.Fix for crash when loading a save game while a unit is jumping.Added factional shield coloring, and quicker impact effects to improve overall visibility and feedback.AI units will no longer run to deactivated bases.Fix for crash when issuing guard on the ground.
AI will use the buffer size to check for blocking terrain (via GPNav) before building a structure.