Volkswagen golf mk4 owners manual

volkswagen golf mk4 owners manual

Sealing flange Coat sealing surfaces with sealing compound AMV Cylinder block Removing and installing crankshaft Page 13-34 Disassembling and assembling piston and connecting rod Page Sealing flange Coat sealing surfaces with sealing compound AMV Seal sealing surface to cover Page 15-39, Adjusting timing Página.
15-16 Cylinder head cover, removing and installing Special tools and equipment T10095 Puller.A.G 1331 Torque wrench (5.50 Nm) VAS 5024 Assembly tool for spring- type clips Cable tie Página 23 de 58Cylinder head, servicing 118.
1 Identification and valve timing Fig.If the marks do not align: - Repeat timing adjustment.Screw M8x45 bolt into threaded hole -A- of tensioning element until ribbed belt is no longer under tension.2.8 Output kW at rpm 147/6200 Torque Nm at rpm 265/3200 Bore diameter.0 Stroke.3 Compression ratio.75 RON min.Disconnect connectors from ignition coils.6.If the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, this must be switched off.Carefully lift cylinder head off.1 Do not interchange With hydraulic valve clearance compensation 14 - Valve stem seal Replacing infiniti fx35 gps update Page Retaining clip Check seated securely 16 - Roller rocker finger Check axial clearance of camshaft before installation Fig.6 Check screen of control housing for soiling before installing Page 15-64, Fig.5 Página 1 de 13Piston and connecting rod, disassembling and assembling.Adjust valve timing Page 15-39.Ensure sufficient clearance to all moving or hot components.
For guide rail item Nm For guide rail item 24 Página 12 de 31Engine, disassembling and assembling.